Saturday, April 3, 2010

FISHERMANS WIFE-Waiting for you

"Waiting for you" is a painting I made for "FANNU" exhibition.

From this painting I have tried to show the lonely and long hours spent by a fisherman's wife, waiting for the husband to return after a days catch.


  1. nice..this must hav been the case for so long...these days egolaamen thibeny ear foanu jahaalaigen music adu ahaalaa...wife ah gulhaalaa hehe

  2. Ann mihaaru dhen kon inthizaare dho ...3G ves libey ehennu.Konkamakaa dho haas vaan vee.Thanks friend.

  3. shallow and flat and somber, rather disturbing piece of work here again, Art as music as dancing carries a feeling evokes an emotion within the artist as well as the viewer, i find in most of your works this is being deprived. However some are technically satisfactory. As a nation Maldives is also growing and how much we try to deviate the mass with such utter prostitution of Art, the majority are aware and quite capable of seeing and digesting the truth. An artist is an extraordinary individual who is curious enough to earns respect with honor and dignity. Your work is being questioned here and will be questioned again. Good luck and all the best my advise to you, pick a shoe, 2 size smaller,its funny what they say to, men with small feet wearing large boots, specially artists :) your on the spot a lot are watching you...